IT Strategy and Planning

To Plan, or Not to Plan?

Every organization needs an IT Strategy and Plan. Very simply, the Strategy is the "vision".  The Plan is the "roadmap" for implementing for the Strategy.  The Plan defines the IT services to be provided, resources required to deliver the services and the cost, though the size of your organization will dictate the actual contents of the Plan. 

To fail to plan is planning to fail!

Business Alignment

At The Systems Workshop there is one overriding goal for the IT Strategy and Plan - it must be aligned with the organization's business strategy.  We call this "Business Focused" Information Technology.  Every IT application and activity must support a business objective and provide a qualitative and/or quantitative benefit to the organization.

Establishing the Baseline

Before knowing where you can go, you must know where you've been.  The first step in developing the IT Strategy and Plan is to develop a baseline - review the status quo, solicit feedback from management, staff and clients on how effectively technology is implemented in the organization, and their perception of opportunities for improvement. 

Getting from Here - To There

The Systems Workshop will work with your organization to define the IT Strategy and Plan from a number of dimensions, including:
  • Business Opportunities that can benefit from IT
  • Applications
  • Resources
  • End user support (internal and external)
  • Training
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Budget

The recommendations for your IT Plan will include those which can be accomplished in the Short Term (the "quick hits"), and those that can be completed over the Long Term.

During the preparation of your IT Plan we may identify opportunities for improvement in current systems or processes.  The Systems Workshop uses an interactive "Brown Paper" Process to fine-tune these opportunities to insure they are in sync with the Plan. 

Our Experience

The Systems Workshop brings the following experience to helping your organization develop its IT Strategy and Plan:
  • International and Domestic Organizations
  • Headquarters and Site/Plant Locations
  • Applications including Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing, Distribution, Finance and Human Resources
  • Manufacturing and Service Industries

Every organization needs an IT Strategy and Plan.
The Strategy will define the objectives/goals for the organizations IT program and must be "business focused".
The IT Plan defines the services, resources and cost to support the Strategy.
First step in developing a new Strategy and Plan, or revising the existing one, is to review where you are today.
The Plan will de developed around a number of staff, end user and technical dimensions
The Plan includes Short and Long Term recommendations.
The Strategy and Plan is developed in conjunction with management and the user community (internal and external)

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Crisis Management Planning for IT

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