IT Organizational Effectiveness

The IT Staff - Your Most Important Technology Resource

Your investment in hardware and software is nothing without the IT staff to make them work.  Mission critical activities performed by the staff include:
  • Implement applications, whether off-the-shelf or custom built
  • Manage ongoing operations
  • Support end users including Help Desk, training, problem resolution and responding to general questions
  • Enhance Applications through customization or upgrades

While the size of your organization will influence the size of the IT staff, and alternatives available to provide this support, the bottom line is that people are needed to make the systems work.

Your Current IT Staff Environment

There are a number of dimensions that will influence the effectiveness of your IT staff, including:
  • Do you have the right people
  • Are they organized to effectively deliver services to the end users
  • Do they have the right training to do the job
  • Do they receive the right feedback to promote professional and personal growth

What We Do

Very simply, The Systems Workshop will review your current IT Staff from the perspective of the IT function and the end user community (both internal and external) to identify opportunities for improving organizational effectiveness.

Recommendations can include:

  • Re-deploying (or re-organizing) resources
  • Gaps in IT staff resources, including training
  • Changes in staffing levels
  • Alternative staffing opportunities, including Involvement with local colleges to provide Intern opportunities
  • Enhancements to the current feedback mechanism.

The analysis of the IT Staff is always performed with an eye towards the constraints of your current budget.

Our Experience

The Systems Workshop has experience in Building and Managing IT Staffs for both Domestic and Global organizations.

We always strive to instill in the IT Staff the need to have a "business focus" on the work they do for the organization.

We are strong proponents of the Mentoring concept to provide feedback and direction for the staff as part of their professional and personal growth.  This will maximize the contribution they make to the organization's IT program.


The effectiveness of your IT staff includes a number of dimensions:  having the right people to do the job, how they are organized, training and feedback.
Changes to the IT staff can include re-organization, filling gaps in required resources, changing staffing levels, intern programs, training.
The right feedback mechanism is essential to insuring professional and personal growth.   Part of the feedback process should include mentoring.


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March 2008

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