Crisis Management Planning for IT

For many organizations the Information Technology Crisis Management Plan starts and ends with preparing a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).  Typically this document outlines how IT resources will be provided in the event there is physical damage to IT resources, e.g. flood, fire, vandalism, etc.

At The Systems Workshop we believe there are numerous other events that can occur in an organization which can impact the effectiveness of the IT function and require a similar level of Crisis Management Planning, such as:

  • Legacy Applications running on hardware that is either difficult to maintain or no longer supported.  If the hardware goes down, access to these applications is no longer available.  The time to plan for this event is before it happens.
  • An event at a remote site that requires mobile IT resources to be deployed to support staff brought in from other locations to manage the event (e.g. environmental spill).

The Systems Workshop can work with your organization to do a Crisis Management evaluation to identify situations that would require a Plan, in addition to those covered by the DRP.


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August 2018

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