Business Intelligence Applications

The Potential of Business Intelligence

Your current Applications are capturing key performance data on a real-time basis for your business including:
  •      Sales
  •      Production
  •      Distribution
  •      Finance
  •      Human Resources

Yet, how effective are your current systems in presenting this data in a format that can help you manage your business?

Whether access to this data is known as Business Intelligence (BI), Data Warehousing or Data Mining, the objective is the same:  Putting data in the hands of employees to help them in tracking performance and making well-informed business decisions.

Analyzing Business Intelligence

The Systems Workshop helps organizations analyze their BI requirements from the user's perspective to identify opportunities for improvement.  This includes:
  • What data is needed by users
  • Is this data available in your current systems
  • Gaps in data required by users
  • How is the data presented (e.g. reports, graphical displays, real-time alerts)
  • Is Metrics analysis available (actual versus targets)
  • What data needs to be imported into other applications for analysis (e.g. spreadsheets, statistical software)
  • How effectively is this data used

Our Approach to Business Intelligence

The Systems Workshop approach to BI is very easy to describe - Keep it simple.  Provide users with the data they need in a straight-forward manner that is easy to access.  Keep a lid on "gee-whiz" bells and whistles that do not add to the effectiveness of the application.

We can assist your organization in implementing BI applications in a number of ways:

  • Analyzing current BI applications for effectiveness
  • Identifying what needs to be done to improve current BI functionality
  • Implementing a BI solution

You select the consulting services we provide based on your current resources, budget and needs.


Business Intelligence (BI) applications put required business data in the hands of your staff to track performance and make informed business decisions.
Successful BI applications make it easy to access and analyze data.
An analysis of the data to be included in the BI application includes both data available in today's systems, and data that is needed but not captured in the current systems.
The BI community includes both internal and and external users (e.g. allowing clients to monitor order-related data, or vendors access to purchasing data).
Metrics analysis provides the means to compare actuals versus targets.


Case Study - Data Warehouse for Daily Production Statistics

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March 2008

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