About The Systems Workshop

The Systems Workshop provides information technology consulting services for any size organization, including:

Our Mission

To first gain an understanding of our client's business needs, and then help the clients meet those needs by maximizing the benefits from their investment in technology, in a professional and cost-effective manner.

Our Philosophy

While the experience we bring to any project is important, we also believe that the following management approach is essential to the success of the project:
  • Insure that the IT strategy has a "business focus" in all work that is done.
  • The user is a partner in implementing information systems.
  • Technology is a means, not an end, to solving a problem.   IT personnel should be seen as business people by the user.
  • Empower IT personnel to identify opportunities to apply information technology, and implement the solutions.
  • Communicate - to management, users and staff

We also believe strongly in providing a Mentoring environment in all work that is done. We have an obligation to use our experience both to insure the success of a project, and to work with other staff members to help in their professional and personal growth.

Our Experience

As Principal in The Systems Workshop, Dick Bossler brings over 25 years of experience in developing Information Technology Strategies, executing IT Plans, and managing IT Staffs and Projects.

His applications expertise includes Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing, Distribution, Finance and Human Resources. 

Dick has worked with organizations, both large and small, in the United States, Canada, Central and South America, Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australasia.  This includes both Headquarters and Site/Plant locations.

In summary, Dick brings the following skills to any project:

  • Global business experience
  • Strong user orientation with a strong "business focus" on all work that is done
  • Diversified applications background
  • Focus on strategy and solutions
  • Professional presence and emphasis on integrity, accountability and cost effectiveness
  • Engaging, "Can-do" style
  • Effective communication with every level in the organization - Management, Staff and Clients


We know that an organization's consulting needs are influenced by many factors - budget, available staff and experience.

The Systems Workshop will work with you to define a consulting arrangement that fits best in your organization.  Our services are scalable:

  • "Fast Track" consulting projects to meet a very specific objective.  Typically these assignments last just a few days.
  • Longer Term projects where we can work independently, as part of an overall organization team, or to complement your existing IT staff.

Other Services

In addition to the consulting services identified above, The Systems Workshop has experience in the following areas:
  • Web

          Site design and implementation
          "Web-fectiveness" evaluation for existing sites

  • Systems Development

          Design and Specification
          Development using Object-Oriented tools, SQL database and Prototyping

  • Project Management

Contact us for information on any of these services.

Contact Information

The Systems Workshop
PO Box 257
Valleyford, WA  99036

Phone:   509.838.5141
Fax:  509.443.1559
Email:  info@thesystemsworkshop.com


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Dick Bossler
Principal - The Systems Workshop

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"Put our experience to work
to help you get the most value
from your investment in Information Technology!"

March 2008

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